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Jen Butler


Past Vice President



Jen has lived and worked in Scotland since 1999. A graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in English, Jen has published several articles and short stories in university publications and for the California Department of Education.

As a member of the SAW she has won first place in several categories, including the Crime Novel, Poetry and most notably being the first person in SAW history to win all of the article competitions in 2011 as well as the Scholarship award. Jen has also been the recipient of awards from the Falkirk and District Arts and Civic Council on at least four occasions. In addition, her work has been short listed for several national and international writing awards, most recently in the St. Andrew’s Short Story competition in 2011.

Born in Puerto Rico from a Native American mother and a Puerto Rican father, Jen was raised in a bilingual home. At the age of 19 she hopped on a plane for California all alone, and for the next 11 years lived in San Diego, where she worked as a 911 operator at night, attending university in the day time. During her graveyard shift Jen played cards online, where she met her future Scottish husband in a game of Hearts. Derek and Jen got married in 2000 and live happily in Bo’ness with their beautiful border collie Tess.


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