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Alanna Knight MBE


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Novelist, playwright and biographer, her work includes gothic and historical novels and crime fiction, as well as her notable non- fiction works on Robert Louis Stevenson. Her first novel, 'Legend of the Loch' was published in 1969 and in 2009 she celebrated the landmark publication of her 50th book, in the Inspector Faro series, 'The Final Enemy'.
Born in Tyneside of Scots-Irish parentage, she now lives and writes in Edinburgh, the city which inspired her popular and widely-acclaimed series of books: The Inspector Faro Series.
Speaking about her reasons for being drawn to the world of historical crime, Alanna explains: "It was the puzzles. History is full of riddles and mysteries, and the researcher has to figure them out, especially if one wants to write a book. I love such puzzles, and I wanted to write some myself."

A member of the Scottish Association of Writers from its inception; Aberdeen Writers' Circle; Hon. President of the Edinburgh Writers' Club; Convener of the Scottish Chapter of the Crime Writers' Association; member of the Society of Authors in Scotland and the Mystery Writers of America.

She has been involved over the years in helping other writers get into print: lecturing in creative writing as well as writing articles and books on the subject and adjudicating competitions.
With tight deadlines, she's highly disciplined in turning away tempting social activities. “It isn't deprivation - I love writing. I can't remember a time when I didn't want to be a writer. I even wrote plays for my classmates at school and poems for children's radio. I realise that I am a workaholic that I'm never really happy unless I have a book in progress.”

The latest Rose McQuinn 'Deadly Legacy' published this March is her 67th book and that and the early Inspector Faro and Rose McQuinn series are now available as e-books on Kindle.

Alanna is also a gifted artist. She has created portraits in pastel of many other writers, among them Ian Rankin, Nigel Trantor, Dorothy Dunnett and Eileen Ramsay, as well as actor, Robert Powell. Alanna explains, “I get the same feelings from writing and drawing. There is a moment when you realise you have got a good story, and it's so exciting. It's the same with drawing. The outlines resemble nothing, then suddenly you see a face coming through. It's a moment of jubilation when you know that what you're working on isn't going to be a disaster.”


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