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Susan McKinstry


Publicity Officer



Susan has lived in Glasgow city centre for around 10 years, though originally growing up in a small town in Ayrshire. Much of her secondary school education was in Glasgow where she discovered she is definitely a city dweller at heart. Following school, she studied for a degree in Information Management and Librarianship at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh and after graduating, worked in the civil service in Glasgow for nearly 9 years. In more recent years she has had a wealth of experience in the voluntary sector particularly in the ever changing field of welfare rights and mental health.

Throughout her adult life, writing has been a keen interest, but has never been more than a pastime, the demands of life always overtaking attempts to establish a more disciplined approach to developing writerly skills. However she has experienced first hand, how writing as a form of expression can enhance wellbeing, as well as giving a vehicle for navigating many of the social and political issues that impact daily lives. These issues often inspire and inform her writing. She decided therefore, that she wanted to take a further step into the world of the writer. For this reason, last year, she joined the Glasgow Writing Group. Being part of the group has nurtured her confidence and opened doors in ways that she could never have anticipated. One such opportunity was attending her first SAW conference, where she was able to see and benefit from the camaraderie and learn from the vast array of expertise that exists in that environment.

She feels honoured to have been asked to join the SAW council as Publicity Officer and looks forward to contributing to the important work of the Scottish Association of Writers in its drive to support the voices and activities of writers throughout Scotland.


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