SAW Council

SAW Council

The 2017/18 Council photo

Back row : Jen Butler, Vice President; Marc R Sherland, President; Jacklin Murray, Treasurer; Janice Johnston, Competition Secretary.
Front : Susan McKinistry, Publicity Officer; John Moody, Club Development; Susan McVey, Secretary.


Council Member

Marc R. Sherland


(Policy, chairs meetings, club outreach, SAW Alumni Society)

Jen Butler

Vice President

Jacklin Murray


(Finance, donations, book sales, merchandise opportunities)

Susan McVey


(Minutes meetings, SAW 100 Club, club outreach, admin)

Janice Johnstone

Competition Secretary

(Administers competitions, sends out guidelines)

Susan McKinstry

Publicity Officer

Edits Newsletter and solicits articles and news, provides information for the Association website, Member of the club outreach team, writes and prepares press releases. Ensures the Association has an appropriate profile with sister organisations.

John Moody

Club Development Officer

Provides affiliated club liaison and engagement, seeking to promote the development of club resources and improve the quality of engagement. Researches clubs not currently affiliated and identifies routes for them to connect. Also makes and sustains contact with sister organisations.

Alanna Knight MBE

Honorary President

(Elder statesperson guidance, SAW Alumni Society, Patronage support)